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July Favourites

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far, especially since there's only a month left! :( But as July comes to a close, it only makes sense to share my favourites for the month of July!

H & M Rose Gold Necklace I went into H&M recently (one of my favourite stores by the way) and after picking things out and trying things on, I made my way over to the cashier. As I'm in line, I glanced at the jewelry section and this beautiful necklace caught my eye. I love how simplistic it is and it's affordable!
W h i t e FILA'SMy uncle got these for me and I really like them. They're comfy, and since they're all white, they go with everything. I actually want to wear them all the time, but if I did that they'd be super dirty by now.
F o r e v e r 21 Pink T- Shirt Dress I think this dress is adorable. It's super convenient because you can throw it on, and you'll look put together.  I'm all for those outfit pieces that make you l…

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